Monday, August 9, 2010

St Avit de Tardes Mechoui !!

Saturday night saw us at the annual Mechoui! Lamb is roasted for eight hours over a fire pit dug into the ground, a marinade of spices is constantly dripped onto the lamb as it cooks, it is just so tender and delicious. We arrived at the Salle Polyvalente at 20.30 hrs, with Phillipe, Brigitte, Virginie, Fabien, Roland, Lydia, Caroline, Manu, Pascaline and lots of others, we drank Ricard for the first hour or so then the banquet began, we returned to La Petite Maison around two in the morning after finishing the evening drinking 'Eau de Vie' (water of life) with Dominique. We had a great night, the photos are of Joanne, Virginie and niece Caroline.

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