Friday, May 20, 2011

Cherry Bonanza

Cherry picking was the order of the day, Michel et Colette kindly invited us to help ourselves from their cherry tree in the village, as you can see, it is heavy with fruit and Michel was intent on harvesting the cherries before the birds ate them as they did last year. We didn't need asking twice !!
Suddenly, the scarecrow hanging in the tree turned into Chris ha ha, he eagerly picked and dropped the high fruit which was riper due to the unobstructed sunshine. Joanne gathered the fruit and into the basket it went, well, we did eat plenty whilst we picked, it would be rude not to wouldn't it ?
We shall return tomorrow and perhaps everyday until all the cherries are harvested and conserved, for those of you visiting La Petite Maison soon, you can look forward to a cherry clafoutis. Joannes earrings didn't taste half bad either !!

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