Monday, June 6, 2011

Thoughts of Winter

Although we bake in the Spring sunshine there is always work to do in preperation for Winter in the form of felling, splitting and piling wood. Daniel, Michel & Chris felled the trees in January / February before the sap started to rise, they can be seen in the photo's above splitting the wood last week, it has now been piled and will dry on location in the forest for a minimum of two years. It will then be transported to each household and piled ready to burn.
Felling and splitting your own wood is hard work, however, Chris says the forest is the 'countryside gym'
The thoughts of the hard work are long forgotten and a comfortable satisfaction takes its place when winter nights draw in and we sit chatting around a roaring log fire with friends and guests alike, a glass of warmed mulled wine in hand, Chris says he can remember each piece of wood he has chopped but the aches and pains are long gone. Why not join us at La Petite Maison in Winter as well as summer?

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