Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beer Festival Felletin !!

What a great day, Chris & Joanne bought a 1915 diary that matches up to todays day of the week and dates of the month, a great find, we will use this to record our first year business and then archive it for a memorable souvenir. We had a great lunch at Jacqui and Daves, we had a full pig roasted on the bbq then as planned, went to the beer festival in Felletin.

We had lots to choose from, Jolly Brewer, Biere Blanche, Taffys delight, and a red beer that we drank too much of that we can't remember the name ha ha, to name but a few ! Dave met a fellow city fan a long way from home, they look like brothers, what do you think ?

We also met and chatted with Daniel, our neighbour and friend, we shared a few beers before tapping our feet to the Felletin country dance troop, Joanne couldn't help herself and danced in the square, it was great fun.

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