Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bees Bees Everywhere !

The Bees have been working hard in Chassain Cheval, we mounted our 'super' last week and were expecting to harvest our honey at the end of July. The photo is of the swarm catching box, we were quite excited last night when Daniel came to the house to tell Chris that a swarm had just flew over where he was gardening and had settled in the big Oak. Michel and Chris spent two hours trying to trap the swarm which turned out to be our own bees, a new queen had been hatched and taken flight (not so excited). We could not smoke the queen from the Oak tree where they had found a deep hollow, we left the box in the hope that they may enter overnight and off we went to play Petanque with Brigitte, Virginie and Fabien, we played at Etang Marchette until it was dark, fingers crossed we will trap the bees tomorrow.x

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