Friday, July 23, 2010

A Day in the Garden !!

17 degrees with showers, sun and cloud but warm enough when the sun is shining. Comfortable for gardening.
It was time to cut back the potato leaves to prevent any diseases in the leaves and stems working there way down into the crop. The crop is good this year, and even though we have been under attack from 'Colorado Beetles' and Mildew we have a plentiful supply of both 'Apollo' and 'Roseval' after a month left in the ground we will dig them all up and conserve them in the cave, we are of course harvesting and eating when required.
After the leaf cutting, it was a job in itself to dig out all the weeds that had grown beneath, once done, the garden once again looks respectable. The sweetcorn is in good health and continues to grow at least an inch a day, the Pumpkin jungle is amazing with fruit already the size of small footballs, Bonny has shown plenty of interest in these but is yet to turn up at the door with one in her mouth as she did with our only melon last year Ha Ha !!
Tomorrow day we will visit a vide grenier in 'St Sylvain de Bellegarde' Danny has a stall and last year it was a great atmosphere, the evening will find us at Fabiens birthday BBQ in Conjet Haut, we will play petanque and no doubt the wine and beer will flow !!

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