Friday, July 16, 2010

Mission Accomplished !

33 degrees and sunny!!
A few pictures taken today in the garden, Chris on his garden tractor, yellow courgettes going wild and the best show of holyhocks we have had. We had some of the courgettes with dinner this evening, they were delicious.
All the objectives we set ourselves today are complete, the piccalilli is superb, the redcurrant jelly is being strained, the pea bed cleared and hoed ready for another crop, we are not sure what we will plant yet.

The bee area has been cut and Chris didn't get stung, infact, he said the bees were not remotely interested in his strimming activity. We are now relaxing. happy with our days work, tomorrow morning we will visit a vide grenier at Neoux, then we will meet Jacqui & Dave and go to another vide grenier at Chenerailles, then back to Jacqui & Daves for lunch before heading off to the beer festival at Felletin, Chris is looking forward to that ha ha! Have a great evening !

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