Thursday, July 15, 2010

Betty & Eric Spencer Join the Blog !!

Betty and Eric join the blog, hi Mum & Dad, welcome, & love to you both!! It won't be long before you return to 'La Petite Maison' the photo is when you visited last year in August/September, we had a great time, this year will be better, the weather is forecast to be fantastic, now, until late October time. How is your garden Dad, we will post some of ours on the blog, remember, log on daily to find out what's happening here in Chassain Cheval !! We have just returned from Jacqueline et Gerards where we speak Franglais each Thursday (we learn French and they learn English) we were joined this evening by three of their grandchildren, Teddy, Floriane & Louis.
We're just having a light supper of hot toast with melted butter and Joanne's homemade apricot jam, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sleep well !!

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