Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tell them about the honey Mummy !!

The garden is in full flower and the Wysteria has just started to flower, last year it was in full bloom by the 1st May but Spring was cold and wet this year and affected both flora and fauna. June and July have been fantastic with blossom everywhere which may explain our bumper honey harvest, we will take the honey next week, the super is full which will also explain why the bees hatched a new queen and swarmed, Chris's first major mistake !
We approximate 10 - 12 kg of honey !!
Chris is off South today to a place called 'Artiges' East of Bordeaux, Joanne found some very reasonably priced hives and supers all complete with drawn frames, it is a 240 km round trip but well worth it, he may even be able to buy some hive tools and our very own extractor, more news to follow. Bon Journee !

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