Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Nice Suprise

Well, we woke to a nice suprise this morning, 'The Davies family' are our first followers on our blog, we miss them, they have been an inspiration to us as well as true friends over the years, however, living in France hasn't changed things, we know that when we visit England and turn up at the house, it will be as if we visited last month, Mick will probably be a bit fatter and have even less ginger hair than he used to, ha ha. Lots of love to Mick, Tracy, Libby and of course Stan the man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jacqueline our neighbour phoned this morning asking me to call round to collect some tomato plants which had pushed naturally from last years seed, we have planted them up, it will be a good harvest this year, mmmmm can't wait to get busy making all that passata and homemade ketchup. Mick and Tracy bought us the River Cottage handbook no 2 ' Preserves by Pam Cobin' it is our bible, we have not had to buy any chutneys or jams since last years harvest, Joanne has already produced a batch of Apricot jam last week, yum yum.
I found four ceps whilst out walking with Jess & Bonny, cep omlette for lunch then. We are just off to Crocq to a 'vide grenier' (empty the attic) it equates to an English car boot, it will be hot, 31 degrees in the shade at ten this morning.

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